Become a Stronger, Injury-Resistant Runner in 25 Minutes a Day (or Less) a Few Times a Week!

Yoga for Runners Online Program

Become a Stronger Runner, Mentally and Physically

Are you wanting to stay injury-free this running season….but stressed about how to do that? Want to get stronger so you can run faster and recover more quickly? You've probably heard that yoga is great for runners, can reduce injuries and help you reach new records. It’s TRUE - and it doesn’t have to take a ton of time...or days away from your running routine!!

Yoga has truly been my key to running high mileage weeks without injury. It helped me reach new PRs and PDRs. And, it's helped me tame the negative thoughts that hold me back from my true potential as a runner. Now I want to help you find the same thing!

You want to try yoga or do yoga consistently, but you may not know where to begin. It's intimidating to walk into a class full of bendy yogis, knowing that your tight runner muscles won't allow you to do some of the poses. Plus, your yoga teacher may not be familiar with runners' bodies and their unique needs.

My Yoga for Runners Program is your answer to reducing injury and increasing your flexibility in 25 minutes or less, just a few days a week. Plus, you don't have to stress about making it to a class at the yoga studio on time - you can do this anytime!

You'll feel the results in your body (and your sore muscles) almost immediately. And, in as little as a few weeks, you’ll see benefits in your running and routine...and stay injury free...which means more running for you!! Many runners worry about finding the time or even knowing what to do, which is why I’ve laid it all out for you!

The Yoga for Runners Program truly makes it easy for you. You'll feel stronger and your legs will feel fresher after finishing each sequence. And, you'll love that you're doing so much for your body in one quick and simple workout. It’s all laid out for you with:

  • Yoga sequences designed specifically for runners by a running coach/yoga teacher
  • Videos that you can do anywhere, anytime, as often as you want from the comfort of your own home
  • Audio training to help you dive deeper into yoga and learn how to grow your mental strength
  • ​Help pairing yoga with your training schedule in the most effective way possible

Get the program today for $97 $47!


With the Yoga for Runners Online Program, you'll receive a PDF download with 20 training modules. These modules will help you build your yoga practice as a runner. Some will feature written or audio training (via downloadable MP3). Others will feature videos, including:

  • Sun Salutations Basics (9 min)
  • Power Yoga Sequence (24 min)
  • Post-Run Sequence (20 min)
  • Hip Opening Sequence (38 min)
  • Hip Openers, Part II (23 min)
  • Lower Legs & Feet Sequence (27 min)
  • Core Strength Sequence (20 min)
  • Hip Stabilizer Strength Sequence (29 min)
  • Quick 10 Minute Post-Run Sequence (10 min)
  • Restorative Yoga Sequence (35 min)

At the end of the program, you'll find a suggested 4-week schedule to help you continue to build strength with the sequences provided. You'll be able to keep up with your yoga practice from the comfort of your own home. No more trying to squeeze studio classes into your already busy schedule!

Hi! I'm Dr. Beth Brombosz.

As both a certified running coach and a registered yoga teacher, I've spent a lot of time developing yoga sequences that target the muscles that get tight and sore after runs. I know great poses to help strengthen the right muscles to help reduce the risk of getting injured. And, I've taught yoga to many runners and am a runner myself, so I know how to modify poses for runners' bodies to optimize the benefits of each pose.

What People Are Saying About the Yoga for Runners Program


I am fairly new to running, and was completely new to yoga prior to this program. I had heard about the benefits of yoga and was interested in trying it out, but was too intimidated to head to a studio class. The yoga for runners program was perfect for me, because it allowed me to practice yoga on my own time and at my own pace. I noticed great gains in my flexibility, and I loved all the new post-run stretching options I was learning. I also reached a new personal distance record during the program, thanks to breathing and visualization techniques I learned and was able to utilize while running. Beth was a great resource and always very helpful in explaining poses, providing modifications, and answering any questions I had. I had a great experience with this program, and I now enjoy incorporating yoga into my weekly workout routine :)


This program has been great! I love how the videos Beth provides allow me to practice yoga on my own time and at my own pace. Just a few weeks in, I have already noticed more flexibility and openness, which is awesome. I've found that yoga is a whole new level of post run stretching--I definitely have some new favorite stretches! :)


The Yoga for Runners program has made me feel more confident about yoga. I'm learning different poses that will help me stay injury-free through my running journey. I also love all the yoga poses that help with hip flexibility as well.


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